Father UNLOADS On Justin Bieber After Punk And Posse Torment Local Walmart

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Justin Bieber either is finding it hard to live a non-dysfunctional life, or just doesn’t care anymore – at least that’s what his recent acts dictate. After getting together with a group of his 30 best friends, the posse stormed a local Walmart, and in tornado-like fashion, managed to disrespectfully torment the store leaving a father to express his heated concerns over social media.

Apparently the gang of hood-rats decided it would be funny to, “waltz” into the store for a little unsupervised fun.  Reportedly occurring when the store was just about empty, Bieber and his pals took a public bus, escorted by a police car, and were dropped off at the store’s front doors.

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Once inside, the bunch took to immaturely circulating the store leaving a wake of destruction behind them.  Playing with many toys, and leaving them wherever, the gang was even noted to have opened food, ate some and left it at another location of the store.

A local father, and man that personally knew Justin Bieber from a much younger age, Mike Malcho took to Facebook to express his frustration with the pompous and arrogant star.  Labeling the immature delinquent as a “pr*ck* and a, “disappointment,” Malcho ended up giving Bieber an earful.

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Taking to share his utter discontent, Malcho wrote:

“Justin shame on u…..ya know from get go I supported ur ass…Always saying he’s a kid…Money has got to him he will find his way back….on and on….U disgust me….Yes I am happy I told u exactly what I thought of u…u and ur 30 goons….I can not believe they allow u to behave that way and r right beside u doing it….Waltz into Walmart last night and low and behold Mr Bieber not only being a little prick to young girls by shining flash lights in there face etc…but walking through the store like u own the place with no regards to employees or others attending the store for real purpose bouncing balls ….throwing things… opening food etc…..U r not a little boy no more u r a young man with no regard to ur own community and the ppl in it…..let alone post a pic of u on the STRATFORD city bus and claim u were riding the bus in Toronto…That ashamed of ur home town???Shame on Walmart for allowing it to happen if I walked in with my 7 year old son and he acted the way u did we would be asked to leave or escorted out…And I say 7 year old loosely bc even he knows right from wrong and knows how to act in public…..Ur parents must really be proud???WOW….I grew up with ur Dad and ur Mom and Uncle’s… Aunt’s… etc respect them and the rest of ur family to the fullest …knew u since u were knee high to a grass hopper….I get it fame goes to ppls heads but my god boy grow up…so many young girls and boys look up to u let alone ur home town….I get it u don’t wanna be bothered all the time but to show such disrespect for ur Home town is totally uncalled for…..Walmart had next to no one there….and u take the city bus with a police escort but yet want no attention…and have the bus driver drop u off at Walmart doors bc u don’t want to get ur shoes dirty in the grass???Mr Bieber goons or not unlike u I am proud of where I came from and Happy I spoke my mind to u….One statement ppl from Walmart agreed upon that I had said to u was….U started and came from nothing U may be rich now but if u don’t smarten up ur gonna end up back with nothing….Ur fans yes those young kids u were cruel to r who put the food on the table for U ur Mother and ur Father…..Like u or not everyone in this town has shown u respect and we deserve the same…Do u think we want our lives being examined and under a microscope and the city most of us grew up in being bashed bc u don’t know how to act in public…Ur behavior doesn’t just effect u it effects all that live here….We want someone to be proud of and most of us thought we could be proud of u….What a disappointment….With that said Grow up son bc life is to short and ur a much better person then ur portraying to be…Alot of us know alot more then what’s published in the books and being posted and the movies being created…The only ppl u guys r fooling is r u….Give Stratford something to be proud of again…END of story”

It’s easy to understand where his frustrations lie.  As Justin remains tied up in countless forms of litigation, you would think it’d be in his best interest to stay away from the spotlight while the heat dies down.  However for Bieber, it seems that life is just too good at this point, and he’s isn’t going to let a few silly laws get in the way of that.

Facing charges of felony vandalism, reckless driving, DUI, resisting arrest, assault, and ordering his body guards to assault someone else, Bieber should be doing his best to remain out of any further trouble.  Although apparently as his money has gone to his head, and the influence of his father seems to remain counterproductive to his value within society, its hard to understand why he hasn’t been deported to his home country yet.


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If you would like to give Malcho a shout out, feel free to visit his Facebook profile here.

What did you think of what Malcho had to say – was he too harsh or spot on? Let us know in a comment below.

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