Obama’s Anti-Discrimination Agency Allegedly Guilty Of Discrimination

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In an attempt to gain an unchecked system of power, a Federal Agency tasked to seek out discrimination has been recently accused of using the corrupt action themselves.  Members of a House Financial Services Committee got an earful of evidence backing up the claims, as well as an investigator’s findings that echoed the accusations.

Working for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or the CFPB, senior enforcement attorney Angela Martin has brought forward her allegations saying the upper management ring, is guilty of favoring white men.  Saying that women and minority groups are put on a lower pedestal, she claims that the sickening practice is involved in everything including, “promotions, performance reviews, and the work place environment.”

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Sharing her testimony with the Committee she relayed, “I am a victim of discrimination by the bureau dating back to May 2012, and I have suffered severe retaliation since December 2012, which continues through today.”  She further added, “Sadly, my story is not unique. My colleagues likewise have suffered and are suffering at the hands of inexperienced, unaccountable managers. I am glad this hearing is being held because, based on my observations at the Bureau, I have concluded that the Bureau is sorely in need of effective oversight, and that Bureau management needs to be held accountable, particularly with regards to its internal management practices.”


Martin conveyed that the events seemed to begin just after filing an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint, pointing investigators in the direction of her boss, Scott Pluta.  From there Pluta is accused of retaliating against Martin by making her subordinates report to him, therefore diminishing her authority. Adding insult to injury, Pluta stated that he would bring counter claims against Martin if she decided to take the matter any further and then, “took away investigative duties, and held her responsible for work she hadn’t done.”

Sharing the true operational system in which Pluta desired to create, Martin expressed that her boss was intent on, “developing his own empire within the office of consumer responses within the CFRP.”  She labeled the white men Pluta hired, over more qualified candidates, “yes men,” as they were willing to do just about anything without question out of gratitude of the position that Pluta had provided them.

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Tagging along with Martin to the hearing was an investigator with the Defense Investigators Group, Misty Raucci, who shared that Martin’s claims aren’t baseless. Raucci conveyed, “The Martin/Pluta investigation, which was supposed to be only two to five statements, took six months to complete because as the process started, I became a veritable hotline for employees at CFPB, who called to discuss their own maltreatment at the bureau, mainly at the hands of Scott Pluta or Dane D’Alessandro.  The sum of my findings was that Scott Pluta retaliated against Angela Martin after she filed a formal complaint of discrimination and retaliation.”

Expressing her findings directly related to Martin’s case, she fully described, “In concert with at least three facilitators, Mr.  Pluta effectively removed Ms. Martin from her position as chief counsel of consumer response, and saw her relegated to a lesser position in another office. Mr. Pluta attempted to justify Ms. Martin’s removal by expressing doubt as to her ability to perform her duties as chief counsel; however, his criticisms largely occurred after she filed her complaint. This was a major indicator that Mr. Pluta’s rationale for demoting Ms. Martin for what he perceived as shortcomings was masking his other motives.”

Raucci, after being asked if the CFPB had intentionally swept the allegations under the rug, answered with a definitive yes.  She further explained that Martin wasn’t the only one being discriminated against by Pluta either.

During the course of her investigation, Raucci expressed that 12 others came forward with similar complaints of discrimination and retaliation.  One instance she felt necessary to bring up was of someone that was, “medically diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the hostile work environment.”

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I suppose there is truly no depths in which corruption cannot find its way.  Of course with a Commander-in-Chief acting in a similar fashion, and ultimately supporting such behavior as he leads by example, what else can we expect?

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(h/t: The Daily Caller)

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