Protester Interrupts Reporter On Live TV: “Obama Is A War Criminal”

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Chicago CBS reporter Jay Levine got a bit of a scare recently as he was conducting a live report about an upcoming Obama appearance and fundraiser.  Amidst his spiel, an Obama protester rammed into him while shouting, “Obama is a war criminal,” into the microphone.

Standing outside the restaurant where Obama was scheduled to appear, the protester interrupted but was quickly wrestled away and taken to the ground.  The feed soon cut to a prerecorded segment about Obama’s fundraiser.

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When the clip ended, Levine had regained his composure and spoke with the audience saying, “I’ve obviously gotten a little reinforcement here from one of the protesters who decided to speak his mind on live TV.”  He also added, “Obviously that’s his right to do,” – maybe just not the way he went about it.

On another note, an NBC affiliate was nearby as well and just so happened to catch the incident on camera from a different angle.  Feel free to check that out here:

Actions like this are truly counterproductive when it comes to fighting against Obama and the current administration.  Although we may feel similar in nature, the way in which we act speaks volumes about what we stand for.

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Let us know what you thought of this nut job in a comment below – did he go too far or would you have done the same?

(h/t: Mediaite)

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