New Test: How To Know If You’re A Jerk Of A Person

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A blogger has penned a brand new test which will give you the verdict on if you are in fact a thoughtless, inconsiderate, jerk of a person. Some of the questions on the test are listed below. Feel free to take a look and find out whether or not you qualify as jerk material.

  • Do you hold the door open for others?
  • Do you chew with your mouth open?
  • Do you litter?
  • Do you cut in line?
  • Do you use speaker phone in public?
  • Are you a bad tipper?

Did you pass?

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The jerk test was featured on Fox’s The Five and one host of the program, Greg Gutfeld, made a very valid point. He believes that the test is less about being a jerk and more so about the general decline of society. As he pointed out, there are whole generations who you just don’t see doing the things listed on the test. This is so true. How many times have you seen an elderly man open the door for his wife without even giving it a second thought? The young people of today need to get their acts together!

Another host, Bob Beckel, mentioned that his father taught him as a boy to stand when an adult entered the room. “If I was sitting down when an adult walked into the room and I didn’t get up, my old man kicked me up. I mean there was no question about it!”, quipped Bob. Once considered proper etiquette, that particular practice seems to be long gone in the liberal standards of modern parenting.

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You can view The Five’s entire segment on the jerk test here.

If you’re a real jerk, you’re probably so in love with yourself that taking a test like this wouldn’t even cross your mind.

Would you take the test? Are some of your biggest pet peeves missing from this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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