Inside The Shocking Nude House Cleaning Business With Criminal Owner

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An up and coming company is under a bit of scrutiny as both investigative reporters and police stumbled across the business simultaneously.  Apparently offering nude women to clean homes, the owner has yet to run his business through the proper channels and is participating in a few shady practices.

The owner is a man, whose legal name is Sexual Sin Blue, and with a name like that, who could pass up poking around a bit more?  Local investigative journalists did just that and what they found, ol’ Blue probably could have gone without.

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As Blue has already opened similar businesses on other areas such as Las Vegas, the man, formerly known as Reginald Jones, has apparently recently decided to move his business elsewhere.  Trying to start up an “exotic” nude house cleaning business, Blue has taken to obtaining his talent from local Craigslist postings.

Grand Rapids Police Department Lt. Pat Merrill, expressed however that what Blue is attempting to do, may not be as legal as he perceives it to be.  The Lieutenant explained, “The type of business we’re talking about got our attention. We said, ‘Wait a minute: Has this gentleman talked to anybody? Because this is probably not going to fly.’ He’s going to want to run it through first. Don’t want to waste a bunch of money try to start a business here that’s going to be shut down.”

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Further adding doubts on the illegitimacy of his business, “NBC Grand Rapids affiliate WOOD-TV” sent in undercover reporters and what they found once inside, continued to shock.  Blue has been reported to ask potential future employees for $25 in order to run a background check and in some instances, even neglected to tell interviewees about the “nude” part of the job description.


The president of the West Michigan Better Business Bureau, Phil Catlett, expressed his concerns with this type of suspicious behavior saying, “If someone asked me to pay them $25 to do a background check on me, and I was applying for a job with them, I would turn around and walk out the door.”

After conducting a little background search of their own, they were to soon discover that Blue had a lengthy criminal past as well – perhaps a reason he needed to pack up shop and leave Vegas.  They found that Blue has been in trouble for, “bad checks, fraud, larceny and prostitution charges, among other crimes. Police said his office space landlord is trying to evict him for not paying rent as well.”

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Sounds like a stand up guy, right?

Let us know what you think of Blue in a comment below. Would nude house cleaning even be something you consider paying for?

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