Cover Up Alert: No One Held Accountable For Fast And Furious Disaster

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We’ve all come to expect no less from Obama and his administration as they continue to tread down their careless track.  News like this however seems especially bitter to learn after knowing neglect on the administration’s part resulted in the loss of American lives.

Recently detailed, by the director of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Todd Jones, no one was really held accountable for the operational flub.  A while back, the AFT released some 2,000 guns over the Mexican border in an effort to track them.

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Soon after, it was learned that a large portion of the weapons came up missing, though they kept the operation in play.  It was only after a missing gun turned up next to the body of a border patrol agent that the mission was stopped in its tracks.

There were promised repricutions for those found to be responsible including termination and other legal penalties.  However, quite some time later, it appears as if the agency solely attempted to bide their time, and let the heat die down rather than dish out consequences.


As Jones was recently being summoned to speak with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Chair Darrell Issa sought to get to the bottom of things.  The inquisitive member asked, “Everybody at the Department of Justice from yourself to the attorney general is living under the specter of Fast and Furious and how it discredited the men and women who do these jobs otherwise right. Just to make the record clear, was anyone fired as a result of Fast and Furious?”

Trying to dance around the question as those who often are called out do, Jones replied, “Mr. Chairman, I can say, publicly in this forum that everyone involved in the ATF in the chain of command has either been disciplined or is no longer working with the agency.”

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Realizing that this was not a definitive answer, especially not one deserving of the American people, Issa responded, “But the answer of fired is no. Is that correct? It’s a yes or no. It really is, Todd.”  Realizing he had no other way to sugar coat it, Jones was forced to admit, “As a result of the inspector general’s report, the answer is no.”

As it turns out, several members of the ATF responsible for the misdeeds were allowed to blend into the background, simply requiring their resignation with the promise that their pensions would remain intact.  Along with this, others that should have been held accountable were given slap on the wrist consequences.  While some were slapped with miniscule demotions, others received a mere written warning.

According to The Blaze, “The Justice Department’s inspector general had called for the firing of William Newell,” – a suggestion that was ultimately ignored and was later settled in court where Newell received a demotion.  Of course passing the buck, Jones threw ATF Deputy Director Thomas Brandon under the bus saying he was responsible for any and all personnel decisions.

“The process involves the bureau deciding official and the ultimate decision maker is the deputy director with appeal to me should the employee not be satisfied.”

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Wrapping up the session and concluding his disappointment, Issa stated, “So, McCallister, Voth and Newell, none of them were fired. All of them received certainly less than what the American people would expect.”

Should we really be shocked? Let us know how you feel in a comment below.

(h/t: The Blaze)

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