GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Cop Brags How “Awesome” It Was To Kill Loving Family Dog

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An Oklahoma police officer has recently found himself in the center of a major controversy after shooting a family pet.  The worst part of what Officer Brice Woolley did however, was gloat about how “awesome” it was when he shot the dog.

It all happened back on March 19 when Cali, the dog that was later shot, hopped over the fencing that was supposed to have kept her in the backyard. After a while of roaming around the streets, police received several phone calls regarding a dog on the loose, some saying it was rather aggressive.

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Animal control and Ardmore police officers were soon to show up in effort to contain the situation.  As there was a park nearby, officers expressed concern that the dog might go over and bite someone.  After fighting to capture the pup with no success, officer Woolley reportedly raised his shotgun and blasted the defenseless dog in the neck.


Cali reportedly went down and died immediately.

Woolley however seemed more joyous than in distress for, what should have been, the disheartening act he just committed.  A witness to the incident reported that the inhumane officer was seen laughing while boasting about the event to another officer saying, “Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”


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When the owner, Sarah, arrived on the scene the officers callously explained to her, “We shot your dog, she’s dead.”  Sarah was at a complete loss and shared that she sobbed uncontrollably throughout the next few days.


Trying to get to the bottom of things while seeking justice for her loved family member, she attempted to get an explanation from the police department.  They were said to have given Sarah the, “run around” before saying the shooting was justified.

Woolley is also noted to still be currently working as the department investigates the case and is reported to have received several death threats after the incident went public.


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Since that time, a petition has been brought forward insisting that the Officer Woolley be terminated for his disturbing actions – it has already received over 25,000 signatures.  If you would also like to sign the petition demanding justice for Cali, feel free to do so here.

Are police increasingly taking advantage of their authority? Can something like this be stopped? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

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