“Tolerant” Liberals Express Death-Wish For Anti-Obamacare Cancer Patient

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Late February we released an article detailing a Democratic politician stating his intention to shut down a TV station if they didn’t stop airing an anti-Obamacare ad.  Showing their true colors, our tolerant friends to the left have outwardly expressed they wish the cancer patient just hurry up and die.

Julie Boonstra was the woman in the ad that shared her saddening story.  The woman unfortunately was the victim of Obama’s legacy and had ultimately lost her health insurance because of Obamacare changes to the law.

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The worst part about this whole story is that Boonstra had cancer.  Along with this, she was making forward progress with her treatment between her doctors and the coverage in which her insurance allowed.  That was all stripped away when Obamacare came into play, leaving Boonstra defenseless against the threat to her life.


Since that time, it appears that television stations have been airing the commercial quite a bit – so much in fact, that it has driven the left nuts to no end.  Boonstra recently received a letter from a Democrat reading, “I’m tired of seeing your dying a** on TV. You should be ashamed of yourself! Hope cancer kills you soon! Signed a concerned and pissed off citizen of the USA. (sic)”

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Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  It’s good to know how compassionate those on the other side of the aisle really are.  Not only pushing forward with abysmal legislation that has effectively left 5 million citizens without insurance, but to hope that those with cancer die because they are complaining is truly enlightening.

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(h/t: IJ Review)

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