VIDEO: Citizens Organize To Catch And Humiliate Pedophiles (18+)

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Russian police aren’t exactly known for their ethics and moral obligation to uphold the law so it should be no shock to hear that pedophilia is almost entirely ignored in the motherland.  Fed up with this mindset, a few citizens have banded together in effort to put an end to the heinous crime.

According to a new video that was released showing the volunteer organization’s efforts, pedophilia isn’t a frequent crime, as in Russia, intent is not enough to prosecute.  Trying to remedy the fact that full grown men are preying on children literally unhindered, a group of guys have began taking matters into their own hands.

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After joining with several other like minded folk, the group created an anti-pedophile group designed to do what police wouldn’t – expose and punish them.  In order to lure the despicable abusers into their presence, the group usually posts fake messages pretending to be little boys or girls.  From there, the pedophiles usually do most of the work as they take the bait, hook, line and sinker to incriminate themselves.


Once the group has the pedophile under their control, they give it their best shot to humiliate the detainee in hopes that they no longer want to be involved with a child.  Making the pedophiles do disgusting things such as drink urine, a practice they refer to as “urinotherapy,” or simulate oral sex with a dildo, they eventually let the men go in their fully shamed state.

In an area where such a horrendous crime is allowed to endure, is it ok for citizens to take the law into their own hands?  Did these men go too far, or not far enough? Let us know in a comment below.

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