VIDEO: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Booed By The Crowd At Mets Opener

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Mayor Bill de Blasio was greeted with a hearty New York welcome on Monday when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Mets home opener against the Washington Nationals.

Unfortunately for the Mayor, it wasn’t the type of welcome he was hoping for and the boos from the crowd were overwhelming.

According to the New York Post, the Mayor threw a strike standing in front of the mound rather than on top of it. But for the fans, merely throwing a strike isn’t good enough to gain their favor, and they have no problems letting him know that.

According to the fans, it’s his war on charter schools that’s the problem, not his athletic abilities.

“I’m not a fan of his — especially on his [positions on] charter schools and pre-K,” said booing fan Jodi Freed, 42, of Bayside.

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“Is school a day care or education system? He needs to show more concern by getting rid of Common Core and educating, starting on basics.”

As if being booed by your constituents on national television once isn’t enough, de Blasio was met again with discontent from the crowd as he left the stadium in the seventh-inning stretch once the Nationals took the lead.

“It shows he has no heart. It’s upsetting [the mayor leaving so early],” said 33-year-old Whitestone resident Matthew Lipsky, a FedEx operations manager who was among the few fans to tough it out through 10 innings.

“He’s supposed to be a leader. What does that show?”

Not surprisingly, the Mayor played off the boos, blaming it on cold weather rather than people disliking him.

“As for the response of the crowd, I think everyone is going to be too cold to respond,” he said.

“But whatever it is, I’m a sports fan. Sports fans have a right to express themselves any way they want.”

Perhaps the mayor should take this as a clue regarding his wildly unpopular policies, what do you think? Let us know with a comment!

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