VIDEO: Gun Grabbing Mayor Absolutely Loses It In Television Interview

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The mayor of Charleston, W. Va. Couldn’t keep it together during an on-air debate over legislation that recently passed in the state intended to make gun laws more uniform.

Danny Jones appeared on WOWK-TV on March 16 to debate the West Virginia Senate Majority Leader, John Unger, about the law which is designed to prohibit municipalities from enacting more strict gun control laws than are in place at the state or federal level, and Jones isn’t too happy about it.

The law, which was signed by Democrat Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, prevents cities and towns from outlawing guns at their swimming pools, tennis courts, after-school centers, and other public places. It also forces concealed carry permit owners to store their guns securely out of view where others can’t access them or in their vehicles.

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It also does away with various other laws that local communities have enacted such as a three-day waiting period to buy a gun and a one-gun per month purchasing limit.

Senator Unger and the host of the program, Bray Cary, are in agreement that a person can’t carry a gun into city hall, but Jones sharply disagrees.

“No it is not! You can,” Jones said. “What you have to do, you have to walk up and tap a guy on the shoulder and say, ‘Please remove your gun.’”

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The three men then got into a heated debate over the law, with Jones insisting that he and his lawyers know better and that Unger is paid off by the NRA.

At one point the disgruntled mayor even took a cheap shot at the senator, calling him a “knucklehead up at the legislature.”

In all the interview lasted roughly eight minutes and shows just how irrational those on the side of gun control can be. Even though the law clearly defines what can and can’t be done, and where people can and can’t carry, this guy wants to argue that everybody else is wrong but him, sound familiar?

It’s worth noting that Jones is a member of Mayor Bloomburg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” group which uses lies and propaganda to sway public opinion on gun laws, perhaps that’s why he so openly denies the facts of this case.

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[H/T: Illinois Gun Owners Rights]

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