Soldier Irate With Daughter’s Cleaning Habits, Relocates Her Bedroom To The Driveway

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A soldier, and father, became so fed up with his young daughter’s cleaning habit he decided to take extremely drastic measures.  The daughter apparently had ignored the man’s several demands to clean her room to which he responded to relocating the entirety of her bedroom, to the driveway.

While the girl was away at school, the man had reportedly completed the deed leaving his daughter, and those still on the bus, to discover what he had done when she returned.  In the driveway, embarrassingly sat the contents of her room with a sign reading, “Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.”


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The father later told reporters that he thought his actions were, “extreme,” but explained that he had warned his daughter several times to clean the space or be treated like a soldier.   He went on to say that his daughter was rather upset with him for making the move, but after promising to re-paint her room, she seemed to mellow out a little bit.


He went on to share that his daughter is an honor roll student.


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