Justin Bieber Considering Plea Deal, Still Facing Deportation

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It seems that Justin Bieber’s fame and money may have gotten him out of at least one of the several sticky situations the star is entangled with lately.  According to recent reports, the young pop star is considering a plea deal that will drop his DUI charges and get rid of the proposed random drug testing mandate as well.

Just three short months ago the “Believe” sensation was pulled over for street racing with one of his buds.  Police soon noticed that Bieber was not in full control, and after asking if he’d been drinking, discovered the underage man-child to have had a couple beers.

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Along with this, he had taken xantax and even smoked some weed proceeding the events of the night.  During the incident with the police officer, Bieber was warned, on several occasions, to keep his hands out of his pocket, an order he refused to comply with.

Soon, out of safety for himself, the officer tried to place the profanity ridden Bieber in handcuffs, the star reportedly pulled away prompting the officer to formally charge him with resisting arrest.

As sources explained to TMZ, Bieber and his attorneys are considering a plea deal that will, in essence,  drop the, “driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence and driving without a license,” charges.  The Biebs isn’t going to get off Scott free however, as if he agrees to the plea deal, he would be pleading no contest to reckless driving.

But does this necessarily mean Justin isn’t going to get deported?

At this point, no, so hang in there guys.  As it stands, it only takes one felony to get someone deported as they are deemed no longer worthy to stay in the country.  Lucky for many Americans, there are a few more instances that could result in just that for Bieber.


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Currently entangled in litigation and lawsuits, Bieber is in trouble for some other reckless and careless acts as well.  He allegedly egged his neighbors house causing about $20,000 worth of damage as they now have to have the entire front of their house re-plastered.  Facing felony vandalism, this may just the star’s ticket home.

Along with this, he is also being sued for ordering his body guards to assault and ultimately steal from a member of the paparazzi.  Apparently after exiting his recording studio, a man was taking photos of the singer who ordered his body guards to retrieve the memory card.

They did just that, and as the photographer struggled to keep his belongings in his possession, the body guards got out of hand and assaulted the man to ensure their orders were fulfilled.  The man is attempting to be compensated for, “bodily injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish and incurred medical expenses following the incident.”

During Bieber’s deposition, the star portrayed himself as a pompous untouchable.  It seems as if Justin may have watched a few too many mob movies as his appearance seems to resemble that of an Italian being questioned for murder.  His inflated ego is comical at best.


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He also faces additional charges of assault in his home country of Canada.

How many times is a foreign celebrity allowed to act in an illegal manner before being deemed a hazard to society and deported back home?  At what point is fame and status negated by unlawful deeds? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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