Badass Former Navy Seal Gets Shot In Stomach, Plugs Bullet Wound With Finger And Chases Assailants

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A former Navy Seal recently did something almost directly out of a Hollywood action movie.  After being shot in the stomach, the man hopped in his car, plugged the bullet wound in his gut with his finger and proceeded to chase the thugs until he could go no further.

According to police reports, Christopher Mark Heben, 44, was walking in a parking lot while trying to make his way to the Mustard Seed Market & Café.  Upon passing several parked cars, one car started to back out and actually struck Heben prompting a profanity filled verbal exchange.

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Heben eventually broke himself away from the men in the gray vehicle and continued along his way until he realized that he had forgotten his wallet in the car.  After turning around, the group of thugs drove up beside him, shot him in the abdomen and sped off.

Realizing he had just been shot, Heben hopped back into his car and took chase of his assailants.  As the cars made their way to a major highway, Heben realized he was losing blood too quickly and decided to care for his own life.


Plugging the hole with his finger, the former Navy Seal made his way to the nearest police station where, Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely recalled, “He indicated to us he actually plugged the hole in his abdomen to stop the bleeding as he drove to the station.”

From there, Heben was transported to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.  Surgeons were also reported to have removed a “brass projectile” before stapling up the entrance wound.


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Back at the scene of the crime, several onlookers shared their admiration of the man saying he was capable of things many other people may not have been.  Mary Zeinert expressed to reporters, “He knew what he had to do to survive.  Someone else might not have been. I’m so glad that hopefully he will be okay and that they’re able to bring those people to justice.”

This is yet to be the case as authorities are still on the lookout for the men responsible, but convey that since the story went public, they have received a few credible tips that they are checking into.  Heben however seems none the worse for wear as just two days later he was up walking around.


Taking to Facebook to celebrate his recovery – and perhaps luck – he wrote, “I’ve been up walking around, yesterday and again this morning.  The nurses are telling me to ‘take it slow’…..YEAH RIGHT!”  He also shared his optimism saying, “The best thing for me to do is to keep my spirits up and to just keep moving! Onward and upward!”

Along with the status updates, Heben has posted pictures for the world to see, including himself lying in a hospital bed and even a pic of his stomach wound covered up by a bandage.  The former Navy seal has since received over 16,000 likes from people showing their support.


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Heben is a father and has served in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan with the United State military.  Since returning, he dove into the life of a mercenary and has worked as, “a special operations expert on cable news networks and shows.”

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(h/t: Daily Mail)

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