The Women Of Duck Commander Open Up About Sexual Abuse And Troubled Marriages In New Book

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The wives of hit reality TV show ‘Duck Dynasty’ sat down with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss their new book, “The Women Of Duck Commander”The whole world looks to this clan as the sterling example of family values and good Christian character, but the ladies were quite candid about the more sinister times they have seen in their personal lives as well as their marriages.

Miss Kay, the wife of patriarch Phil Robertson, opened up about an extremely tough ten years in the life of her marriage. Phil admittedly went through a rough patch before he turned his life over to the Lord, but ten years is a very long time for a woman to stand by her man – especially with four little boys to take care of. Miss Kay explained that her marriage survived partly as a result of advice she was given by her grandmother, who told her to fight for her marriage no matter what.

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Missy, the wife of Robertson brother Jase, spoke about her family’s struggle with her daughter Mia’s medical condition. The little girl was born with a cleft pallet, and her most recent surgery to correct the condition involved taking bone from a portion of her hip and placing it in her upper jaw. Admirably, the family has been able to raise awareness for other children with Mia’s condition through their position in the spotlight.

Perhaps the most surprising segment of the interview featured Lisa Robertson, the wife of preacher Alan Robertson. The couple are rarely seen on the reality show, however, Alan did make an appearance to officiate at the ceremony for the renewal of his parents’ vows. Lisa told Hasselbeck that her contribution to the wives’ book would include stories from her childhood and the sexual abuse she went through at the hands of a family member. She held nothing back as she explained how those circumstances have affected her personal life as well as her marriage. She told Hasselbeck:

“I think that just kind of messed up my thinking and messed up what I thought about myself. And so it took a long time and it took a lot of God in my life to show me, you know, what my usefulness was. Because, you know, forever I thought my purpose was to please men. And so, Alan and I had some really tough struggles the first fifteen years of our marriage. But, through the grace of God, through our family, through counseling, through friends, and just a stubbornness that we had to stay together we were able to work it out. And, you know, thirty years of marriage now.”

Kori, the wife of Duck Commander CEO Willie, talked about how she and her adoring husband keep things fun and exciting in their marriage. She shared that Willie had hand-written her a love letter and put it in her suitcase before she left on this most recent trip to promote the book.

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With the divorce rate skyrocketing these days, these five women are just the example that American’s need to be looking towards – not the typical Hollywood couple married for a grand total of 9 months. They’ve all stuck it out and have the beautiful family to show for it at the end of all their hard work. You can view the entire interview with the women of Duck Commander here.

So, what did you think of the this interview with the five fabulous Robertson ladies? Will you be picking up a copy of their new book? Let us know in the comments section!

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