The TSA Agent That “Saw You Naked” Opens Up About More TSA Absurdities

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At the end of January a former TSA agent, Jason Harrington, came forward with a shocking article titled, “Dear America, I Saw You Naked.”  Since that time, Harrington has been under heavy scrutiny by the government but has recently released an even more in depth list of the absurd actions of the TSA.

The former TSA agent expressed back in January his utmost concerns when it came to the conduct of the TSA and decided to let America decide for themselves.  Although most people already don’t enjoy the hassle of the agency that is yet to have proven to stop a terrorist attack, Harrington shared some of the more sensitive luxuries of the job.

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Along with a series of slang specific to the agent’s environment, Harrington explained that those body scanners that the TSA worked so hard to justify, actually gave an accurate representation of what you looked like naked.


Since that time, Harrington has come forward with more information detailing not just the lower level operators of the seemingly corrupt agency, but also the upper management and operational flaws within the organization.  According to Harrington’s new article titled, “The Parable of the Mashed Potato Police”:

“The agency was the product of a panicked national moment—fertile soil for poor decision-making—and irrationality was etched into the TSA’s DNA. Like most passengers, the average screener regrets the atmosphere of ‘permanent emergency’ that has permeated airport checkpoints since 9/11, a reactionary culture passed down from TSA leadership year after year.  And yet the most common concerns among TSA screeners usually stem from organizational flaws closer to the checkpoint floor.”

Harrington then proceeded to list several of the strangest occurrences he experienced during his time with the TSA, listing things from mashed potatoes to a $1 billion project.  Starting out with the goofiest, apparently a man, at some point, had attempted to take his to-go mashed potatoes on the plane with him.

After being stopped by agents in regards to the suspicious material, he tried to express that it was merely food.  “In the end, of course, the TSA agents had the last word: Since the potatoes took the shape of their container, they were determined to be a liquid—specifically, a gel.”

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Another woman tried, “to bring her live goldfish through security. One of my co-workers informs her that the fish can go through but the water cannot. The woman is on the verge of tears when a supervisor steps in to save the fish’s life.”

TSA agents take the silliest of things as a potential threat: “Working alongside a screener who always demanded that pacifiers be removed from infants’ mouths and submitted for X-ray screening before the babies and their mothers were permitted to pass through the metal detectors.”

Harrington then conveyed a system of favoritism used to promote those willing to do what they were told without question.  “I saw signs of rampant cronyism and favoritism at O’Hare while I was there, and the emails I’ve received from around the country contain similar observations,” he wrote. “And it’s not just me seeing this: Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced it would launch an investigation after a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report found ‘rampant’ favoritism at the TSA.”

Along with this, TSA agents were required to act in a respectable manner for a mere two hours a year during their re-certification process.  “[S]creeners who were rude to co-workers and passengers or just generally incompetent but had made it through their probationary period could hang onto their jobs by learning to work the system. All they had to do was give a convincing two-hour performance once a year—their conduct the rest of the time carried relatively little weight.”

The former TSA agent also made the small note that the TSA doesn’t care what you think. “[T]he yellow complaint cards passengers are given to voice their concerns are widely regarded as a joke by TSA supervisors.  Rarely does anyone actually read those’ was something I heard all the time.”


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Lastly, Harrington condemned the worthless practice and rampant spending on the training of, “behavior detection officers.” Harrington expressed:

“A decade in, we’ve now spent a billion dollars on the program despite the fact that it’s based on pseudoscience that has been debunked in one study after another, and there’s no proof it has turned up even one terrorist threat.  Many of the Behavior Detection Officers I knew at O’Hare privately admitted that their program amounted to a lot of walking around all day getting paid a lot of money for doing nothing.”

Of course none of this should be any news as the government seeks to strip away the rights of Americans in the name of safety and security. After all, why would they want to relinquish that control they have over one aspect of citizen’s lives?  Let us know what you think of Harrington’s most recent claims by leaving a comment below.

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