VIDEO: Texas Judge Strips Son From Father Over Manipulative Mother’s Claims

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We’ve all heard stories about judges making brash decisions and parents getting the shaft in one way or another because of the way the legal system is designed. This came true for an Odessa man who had his son taken from him because of the outrageous claims his manipulative mother made against him.

In the video you can see the despair in the boy by having to leave his father, whom he obviously loves, and go live with his mother in San Antonio, which is six-hours away from his father’s residence. The police ended up having to come to the residence to assist in settling the dispute, and the boy was allowed to go with his father.


On August 19, 2013 Judge Denn Whalen from Ector County, TX awarded the boy’s mother full custody, which crushed Caleb Leverett and his son. Caleb had already paid out the nose in legal fees to that point and simply ran out of money to continue to fight and ended up losing the battle since the boy’s mother had remarried and had much better financial backing.

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In an effort to help pay his legal fees, Leverett set up an IndieGoGo account to collect donations from sympathetic people across America but it was to no avail. In the three months the campaign ran he was only able to raise $2,486, which didn’t even make a dent in his legal fees.

When Parker was finally forced to go live with his mother he was only given 15 minutes to say goodbye to his father before he left. It was an emotional goodbye that left a son without a father and his father broken-hearted.

According to the last reports, Leverett was still awaiting a trial and was having to travel 6-hours one-way to see his four children.

The video is rather long but it’s well worth watching.

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