Teen Claims To Have Found Hairs From Bigfoot After Spotting It In Nebraska

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Last summer a teenager spotted an unusually hairy, 7-foot tall creature in the woods of Nebraska and word spread around the area quickly, especially after hairs from the beast were found in the area shortly after the sighting.

Apparently a 15-year-old kid was driving with his father down a gravel road on the way to drivers-ed class in Butler County. The teen’s father had been distracted during the ride, and that’s when he said that a giant, hairy creature that was running on two legs and was nearly 7-feet tall ran in front of his vehicle and disappeared into the woods near Skull Creek.

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The sighting is said to have happened around Linwood, which is just north of Lincoln, and the teen and his family said they weren’t interested in the attention that would have come from coming forward with their story so they kept it to themselves.

On their own they went back to the area and that’s when they found the hair on a broken off corn plant.

After finding the hair they called Officer Mike Luben from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in Polk County.

Luben didn’t know much about the Bigfoot creature or Sasquatches in general so a local expert was called in to assist. The man has apparently traveled as far as the Pacific Northwest in hunt for the mythical creature.

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All in all, the sighting only ever produced a lot of talk and conversation around the town since law enforcement was never actually given the hair samples to be tested.

Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz said that “It certainly generated a lot of coffee shop conversation,” and explained that he received the report third hand under the condition that the people who told him weren’t revealed.

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“We’re pretty much moving on,” he said last week.

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In 24 years as a game warden, Luben said that he’s gotten three calls about people seeing a Bigfoot and he’s investigated each one without results.

He said that he’s even gone as far as to put out trail cameras to try to capture the creature on film but never had any luck.

His only answer to what it was the teen had spotted on that day was something many others believe the Sasquatch to be.

“The only thing that would even be close was a bear on his back feet.”

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