VIDEO: Ted Cruz Pulls April Fools Prank On Fox and Friends

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It’s April Fools day so you know everyone is going to be out in force with their child-like pranks, trying to pull a fast one on whoever is gullible enough to believe it. Well this morning on Fox and Friends, Ted Cruz let us all know that even as serious as he is most of the time, he’s still capable of a little harmless fun.

At the end of his segment on the show this morning, Cruz took a shot at the posters that were placed out in California depicting him with loads of tattoos and smoking a cigarette. If you remember, the Texas Senator tweeted about it in a humorous manner and said he doesn’t smoke cigarettes so the poster was wrong.


So the hosts asked him about a “rumor” that he had gotten a tattoo, and that’s when he pulled his sleeve up to reveal an image of Winston Churchill.

“I’m very proud to say– I’m proud to stand with Winston Churchill…and I got to say, my wife was fairly astonished,” he said, chuckling after.

Wait a minute, you have a tattoo of Winston Churchill!” host Steve Doocey said, although nobody knows if he and the other hosts were in on the prank.

“Look, I will note that if you look at the calendar it might suggest something about what you’re seeing, but I will leave that to others to figure out,” Cruz explained.

“The joke’s on us,” Elizabeth Hasselbeck concluded.

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