VIDEO: Ohio Students Outraged That Chris Matthews Is Giving Their Commencement Speech

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Ohio Students are in an uproar after their school has recently announced that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will be delivering their graduation speech.  Sharing that they don’t care about him, let alone know who he is, it’s safe to say that future graduates are less than underwhelmed.

Having seen the likes of much higher and respected individuals such as Obama, Bush Jr., and Clinton, the University’s latest choice seems to pale in comparison to previous speakers.  Student government president Taylor Stepp expressed the general frustration saying, “The response from students is simply that we don’t know who this guy is, we don’t care about this guy.”


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Matthews is going to cry himself to sleep tonight after also recently being declared the most disliked news anchor on national television.  When it comes down to it however, when a school has a reputation of bringing on extremely popular guests and then proceed to sling someone like Matthews into the slot, you can see where the frustration arises.


Last year’s speaker was none other than the President of the United States himself, and although many people may not necessarily like him or agree with him, there aren’t too many others that can top that level of notoriety.   Those that have worked hard for the past 4, 6 or even 8 years of their lives are looking forward to graduating, and given the past speakers, it’s not hard to see what they expect.

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Although, no matter who is put up there, in no way, can please 100% of the population, Chris Matthews is a less than satisfactory choice.  Stepp shared, “The fact that Mr. Matthews obviously has a very liberal leaning and he’s not even a public official was irksome to me.”

Of course the decision comes as the school made several drastic changes to their selection process that has allowed for several other prestigious guests to speak to graduating students in the past.  According to the University, they had disbanded the committee that usually conducts the selection process and even took away student’s rights to provide input into the matter.

Gary Lewis, the University Spokesman, explained, “Because of time constraints and leadership changes during the past year, the decision was made to use a more streamlined approach to speaker selection for spring 2014 commencement.”


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Although it is unclear how much Matthews is going to be pocketing for his upcoming appearance, ThinkProgress relayed, that back in 2005, he made a whopping $35,000 for a similar instance.

What do you think – do Ohio graduates have the right to feel like they were cheated by the school to hire someone with Matthews’ less than diminished reputation? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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