This Heart-Breaking Video Of A 17-Year-Old Homeless Girl And Her Family Will Make You Grateful For Everything You Have

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If you or someone know is in need of a reality check, this is video to watch. 17-year-old Michelle and her family live together in a homeless shelter on Skid Row. There are over 300 sex offenders living just around the corner from her and her four siblings. Michelle never imagined she would end up in this situation; her mother never did drugs and was never addicted to alcohol like many homeless people. But when the family suddenly had to escape a dangerous situation where they lived, they were left on the streets.


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Michelle says of her current situation:

“I can’t help but wonder, how did this happen to us? My mom isn’t abusive, she’s not an alcoholic, she’s never done drugs. And sometimes that’s the most difficult thing to deal with – realizing that there are times when your life isn’t in your hands. It’s really hard not having your own home. Even something as little as making a midnight snack becomes a privilege you don’t have anymore.”

Even with all of this heartbreak at such a tender age, Michelle is still optimistic. The eldest of five brothers and sisters, she chooses to put her faith in God that things will turn around. She knows that this is just one of life’s obstacles and that her family will get through it together. Her fortitude is truly commendable.





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Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission where Michelle and her family stay, says of the area which surrounds the shelter:

“Skid Row is no place for families, for children. It’s violent. You can’t even walk around the block without breathing marijuana smell in the air. Drugs being sold on the sidewalks. Worse than that, there are over 300 registered sex offenders in just a few block area surrounding Union Rescue Mission.”

Most of us cannot even imagine not knowing where our next meal is coming from or having to sleep every night in a tent. The shear thought of living in a neighborhood like Skid Row makes us incredibly uncomfortable. But when you see footage like this, it hits you like a ton of bricks that you are so much more fortunate than most. We all have a lot to be thankful for and Michelle is a real life reminder of that. So the next time you freak out about the line at Starbucks being too long, think of the bigger problems that this young girl and her family face day in and day out.











> on June 20, 2011 in New York City.


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