New Details On Hunter Who Claimed To Kill Bigfoot & Have Dead Body As Proof

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As if there wasn’t enough controversy circling the self-acclaimed Bigfoot hunter, Rick Dyer, has come into the spotlight once again as a fraud and a liar.  Just topping off his 2008 stunt that proved to be false as well, Dyer has effectively destroyed all credibility while suckering curious minds out of $60,000.

As it turns out, the Bigfoot corpse is nothing more than a custom latex prop Dyer had made up by a company out in Washington state.  Made by Chris Russell, of Twisted Toy Box, it is unclear of how much Dyer paid for the prop, but is estimated at well over $700.

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Apparently being threatened with a lawsuit, Dyer had no choice but to come forward and expose his deceit.  Dyer’s spokesman and fellow Bigfoot aficionado, Andrew Clacy, reportedly clashed with the fraud over the authenticity of the prop that the two were charging $10 a head to see leading to threats and the eventual truth.

After the incident, Clany wrote the, San-Antonio Express-News, saying, “I confronted Mr. Dyer in Daytona on my suspicions (of authenticity), (and he) admitted to me personally that the body of ‘Hank’ was not a real body, but rather a construct of a company from Washington State which was paid for by Rick Dyer.”


He further relayed, “I am available and willing to cooperate with any Federal or State law enforcement.”

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Of course since being exposed for what everyone thought him to be, Dyer has taken to acting like a coward and hiding from the public.  Before deleting his Facebook account he mentioned, “From this moment on, I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters! I never treated anyone bad, I’m a joker, I play around, that’s just me.”

Congratulations Jack, you just lost every shred of credibility you ever had, or ever could have had.


Dyer isn’t letting go of the dream however.  Although he expresses that his prop was in fact fake, he is still claiming that he does possess the corps of the Bigfoot he shot in 2012.  According to Dyer, the video released really does show the Bigfoot he lured with Walmart pork ribs and shot dead, “with tears in his eyes.”

Riiight.  Let’s demonstrate, by show of hands, just who believes him. Nobody? Ok, moving on.


The creator of the mythical beasts prop, Chris Russell, shared that Dyer had come to him back in November, but signed a confidentiality agreement that bound him from speaking of it.  According to Russell however, Dyer explained, “the body would be used in making of a film about killing Bigfoot.”

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Further expressing the duo’s complicit fraud, Russell shared, “I was asked to make the prop look like a poorly made, old and rotten taxidermy prop that had not been preserved correctly. Dyer did send photos and drawings taken from the Internet and asked for certain features to be replicated.”

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