MUST WATCH: Homeless Man Crashes Christian Singer’s Music Video, What Happens Next Is Amazing

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Christian singer, Carlos Whittaker, was shooting a music video for his tune “God Of Second Chances” when something unexpected and totally amazing happened. While the cameras were rolling, a homeless man approached the spot where the singer was performing, clearly enticed by the religious music. The homeless man then knelt down at Whittaker’s feet and began to cry because he was so moved. Whittaker continued to play his guitar and sing to the man.


In the video, a member of the crew can be heard in the background remarking on the amazing thing that he was witnessing. The event was quite poetic, being that Whittaker was singing about second chances to a man who could clearly use just that.


Then, things got even more magical, when the homeless man started to sing along to the song and add his own reggae improv parts. Much to the amazement of everyone there, he sounded incredible! This guy could be a professional!


Whittaker was so enthralled after he finished playing that he couldn’t help but jump up and embrace the homeless man in a warm hug. Check out this impromptu performance between a Christian artist and a homeless guy named Danny – you won’t be disappointed!

H/T: Tell Me Now

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