VIDEO: Courtney Stodden Talks About Sex With 53-Yr-Old Husband

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Courtney Stodden has received quite a bit of publicity after marrying her husband that was over three times her when she was just 16.  Just two short years later, it appears as if the flame has gone out prompting the notorious couple to get a little help in the bedroom.

Stodden isn’t known for her decency, so starting out she seems quite enthusiastic being in sex therapy with Dr Ava CadellThe Hollywood starlet explains that she’s less that happy about their sex life slowing from having sex 1 time per day, to 1 time per week.

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She states that although they do only have sex once per week, it still is a quality experience and not rushed through. Cadell turned the topic of conversation to what Stodden wanted in regards to her sex life and asked what fantasy she had that the two hadn’t played out.

The young wife explained that she’s always had an “obsession” with cops, and that she wants to be “arrested” and thrown in her husband’s, Doug Hutchinson’s, prison for the night.  After giving a few pointers, and sex toys to help enhance their experience in the bedroom, Cadell notes the couples appreciation for one another.

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Expressing how not too many people know exactly what they want and the fact that they both have an outward desire to please one another makes them one of the “most compatible” couples she’s seen.  Funny thing is, just a few months later, they’re getting a divorce.

Either way, the question here is; why do celebrities find a need to make even the most intimate parts of their private lives public?  What benefit is there in airing your dirty laundry for the world to see?  Let us know what you think of Hollywood couples like this in a comment below.

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