Obama’s Minions Stoop To Using Racism To Peddle Obamacare

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We all know the Democratic Party loves a good ol’ race card throwing party, but their newest effort is racially tacky.  As Obama strives to get every number in before the time he actually allows the deadline to pass, it appears as if the Congressional Black Caucus, or CBC, will stoop to any low asked by their beloved Commander-in-Chief.

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It’s no mystery to hear a Democrat call someone a racist while in dispute with something the president says, but the question here is; is it ok if black people are racist too?  According to their most recent efforts it appears as if they believe that it is, in fact, acceptable behavior.


Trying to scoop up every moron dumb enough to enroll in Obamacare, the CBC has launched an effort, they are calling #BlackMenEnroll.  As the recent numbers have come in it’s clear why the CBC is stooping to such blatantly offensive tactics as, “only 19% of Latinos and 20% of blacks have looked for health insurance plans on healthcare.gov or their state exchanges compared to 28% of whites,” according to CNN.


Even if that is the case, it appears that many people, of all different races, find the new movement not only racist, but sexist as well. Jerome Hudson of the Daily Surge, asked, “Would Barbara lee find it racially incentive if Rep. Paul Ryan took a picture of himself holding up a sign that read #WhiteMenEnroll?”


It appears here that once again, common sense has slipped away from the Democratic party as they attempt to place a band aid on the gushing carotid of Obama’s legacy.   As Obama continues to push the deadline further and further back so not to hurt his own, or the Democratic Party’s reputation, the circumstance becomes quite clear.

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In an outright effort to avoid saying, “I was wrong, again,” Obama is cramming terrible legislation down the throats of American’s at their expense.  If it was so good for the nation, why are we putting it off until after the mid-term elections?


The tactics used by our “tolerant” friends on the left are petty, and frankly, tiring.  Irksome, one-sided behavior like this needs to stop, along with the double-standards.  Obama failed, and it’s beyond time to let this dead horse lie and admit the errors that were made almost entirely along the way.


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Racism is unacceptable under any standard, no matter your race.  Seeing how those who support Obama act in such a way, its not too hard to imagine what else the brain dead hypocrites would do for their leader.  What do you think about this? Please let us know how this makes you feel in a comment below.

(h/t: Daily Surge)

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