EXPOSED: Georgia FEMA Detainment Camp Ready To House Rebellious Patriots

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The staff here at Mr. Conservative are keeping a close eye on the government that continues to oppress our every right.  As each day goes on it becomes increasingly clear that the government is setting themselves to control the population during a future crisis.

As we’ve shared on frequent occasions, there is a map detailing an in-depth list of suspected FEMA camps.  This list can be viewed here and is constantly being added to and corrected allowing for the most up-to-date information to be available to the American people.

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Upon searching, it appears as if a few more locations have been found.  Although the exact locations of the camp’s aren’t precisely pointed out, with a little bit of patience, and perhaps luck, users should be able to find a FEMA camp located nearby.

It appears as if the government has been preparing for quite some time, as many users are unsettlingly alerted to the frequency and close-by locations of several camps.  A camp recently discovered, proved to be just as eerie as its location isn’t shielded from Google Maps satellite view.


Some locations are more secretive than others, and upon demands by the government, have been forced to be censored for “security reasons.”  Take for example the location at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

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Locals claim that there are two buildings that have fencing all around with barbed wire pointed to the inside.  Along with this, several military personnel have been seen guarding the premises and carrying in supplies.  Upon further inspection however, the maps is unclear on account of government mandate.


A complex in Camilla, Georgia however didn’t bear the same shroud of secrecy.  Seen from above, the area seems to resemble that of a prison.  Although there are several cars there, locals inform that the complex has since been abandoned.


Along with this, there were apparently some modifications completed throughout the buildings before secretive contractors packed up and left.  Often seen are police surveilling the unpopulated area and the location is left secure at all times.

Although no one occupies the premise, they suggest that it could quickly be brought to operational status.  Suggesting further that this is a FEMA camp, nearby residents express their personal beliefs that the location is meant to house anti-government rebels in the future.

It is urged to keep an eye out for any signs of FEMA camps in your area as well.  Looking for things such as barbed wire fences, or suspicious activity regarding abandoned buildings, all these things can be reported to the Google Maps database.


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Be smart, be diligent. The tides of history are about to change.

Let us know what you thought of this in a comment below. Do you think this is really a FEMA detention center?

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