Young Celebrity Who’s A ‘Devout Christian’ Wears Nearly Nothing To Church [PHOTOS 18+]

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Courtney Stodden is a young reality star who made a name for herself by marrying a man that was more than 30 years her senior. She claims she’s a devout Christian, however everything about her life, including the photos she posts all over social media, would tell us otherwise.

Now 20 years old, she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was just 16, and the couple earned a spot on VH1’s reality show “Couples Therapy” that aired during 2012. Their marriage caused an outrage as people accused Hutchison of being a predator for marrying, well, a child.

Stodden loves to speak about her faith and how she regularly attends church, however she always seems to do in so clothing that most Christian women wouldn’t dare even try on due to how revealing it is. Her Twitter messages are also more than provocative and sound more like a soft-core porn novel than they do tweets from a “Devout Christian,” see for yourself.

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In some of her tweets she professes how much Jesus “loves me,” and in others she talks about wearing next to nothing, describing the scene in her bath tub as she’s preparing for a bubble bath, seems rather contradictory if you ask me.

She tweets things like “Provocatively preparing my provokingly perky package for a pulsating night filled with puurfect party passion – meow ;),” and “Had such a satisfying Saturday night – Feeling ready to lock myself up, strip off my wear & bounce into a daring evening of erotic dreams…”

Are you convinced about her faith yet?

As always, we’re not going to tell you about pictures without being able to provide the evidence to back them up, so we’ve rounded up some of the pictures for you all to check out on your own and judge for yourself.

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