Things Conservatives Wish They Could Tell Obama

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Remember the pleasantries of not knowing who Obama was before he ran for president?


Every time you flip on the TV and see Obama, do you feel like this?


It just can’t be helped by those of us that choose to use our brains.  Of course, Obama hasn’t made it too hard to dislike him as he says something stupid just about every time he opens his mouth. Remember this?


Kind of makes you feel like saying:


But instead, out of the respect for the office he occupies, we keep our mouths shut – at least to him anyways.  As time goes on however, he is making it increasingly difficult to keep it this way. Not too long ago he said this:

BiJXZXSCcAAWCCi.jpg medium

And you could only look on like:


But that smug punk makes you want to say something more doesn’t he?


Like maybe this:


Or even this:


It’s almost like he’s asking for it.  After all, we know he’s a lying snake:


Remember when you tried to explain to Liberals that this was bad news and you were left feeling:


And that when it finally came out that he was lying, and you really couldn’t keep your coverage, all you could do was:


And the fact that when you found out he stung you twice, and you also couldn’t keep your doctor either:


How about when he stood atop the bodies of dead children in order to transparently make an effort toward gun confiscation?  He looked like this:

Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

But we all knew what was happening behind the scenes:


And all you wanted to say was:


How about that feeling when his gun grabbing efforts were shut down but he kept on trying anyways:


What about when the world was falling apart and all he found time to do was complete his NCAA bracket?

2012 -- Andy Katz and President Barack Obama

And the world looked on like:


I suppose its not his fault though, I mean he was elected right?  What do we say to those people?


And Obama’s lapdog (a.k.a. the media) – you can only image their relationship being like:


So when do we get to express how we really feel:



And finally get to say?




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