Watch This Girl OBLITERATE Gun-Control Advocates

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The fiery young lady who burned an Obama shirt is back with another video in protest of the establishment. This time, Carey Wedler takes on the Second Amendment. She brilliantly illustrates what it would be like if liberal logic on gun control were applied to other Constitutional Amendments as well. Her argument is sound, as we all know that if we let the government come after one of our rights, what’s to stop them from coming after the rest of them, which they have already begun to do.

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Democrats often argue that the Second Amendment is outdated and therefore we need restrictions on everything from who can own a gun to what kind of gun they can own to how much ammo they can buy. But by that logic, the entire Bill of Rights must be outdated. Wedler sarcastically illustrates the problem with that argument, remarking, “The United States is 46th in press freedom now, so what’s the point in even bothering? Who cares about freedom of the press?”. In regards to the Fourth Amendment, she again blows a hole in the left’s argument, stating:

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“Who cares about the Fourth Amendment? It’s so outdated! I mean, the founding fathers couldn’t have conceived of iPhones and the NSA and the fact that they could tap everyone’s phone in the entire world. But they’re doing it now, and who really cares about privacy anyway. I mean, what’s done is done. And unwarranted searches and seizures in the form of raids? Who cares? I mean, no one could have anticipated how powerful those assault rifles would be, so we should just let them break down our doors whenever they want to come in. They’re here to help, remember?”

When you put it that way, the liberals don’t have much of a leg to stand on in their arguments for gun control.

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Check out Wedler’s newest rant on guns and give us your reaction in the comments section.

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