How a Car Dealership Responded to a Union Protest

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A Subaru dealer was recently faced with a tough decision. How to respond when a union group began protests outside of the business which (like every car dealership) probably has a prominent place on a major street or highway.

The union group, United Brotherhood Of Carpenters And Joiners Of America Local 201, started holding this sign up in front of the dealership that says “Shame on Suburu of Wichita”:


The marketing and media director, Aaron Witz, says that the dealership has hired contractors who are non-union labor shops to help him transform it into the Suburu brand from the previous Suzuki brand that was there before. The entire transformation is expected to take about $1.5 million.

Witz was also the man behind this brilliant response to the union sign.  Right next to it, he put up a sign that has a similiar font and color scheme. Here is Witz’s sign that says “For Having Unbeatable Prices”:


And here are both signs together that folks will see when they pass by the dealership.


Witz says that the protestors don’t look like they want to be there anymore and are most likely being paid by the union. As we have documented many times, unions are no stranger to the practice of paying their protestors.

This particular union may just want to concede defeat on this one. The ongoing sign situation at this Suburu dealership has gained them national and even worldwide free media attention. I would assume that cars will be flying off their lots in the coming weeks. This whole situation illustrates the important lesson that we’ve learned so many times.

Liberal protests are the best thing that can happen for business.

See Chik-Fil-A and Duck Dynasty.


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