NYC Teacher’s Assistant Arrested After Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy

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Another fine educator of American children is behind bars today after allegations were made that she was having sex with a 14-year-old student.  Those claims came directly from the boy who referred to the woman as his, “girlfriend.”

Clara Somodi, 39, was a Teacher’s Assistant at the P.S. 9 in the Ridgewood section in Queens.  During the course of a speech therapy session, when the therapist had asked the student what he did over the weekend.  After mentioning that he was, “hanging out with his girlfriend,” the conversations evolved to reveal the identity of Somodi.

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Ms. Somodi was soon in cuffs after the therapist immediately informed the school’s administration.  The school, in turn, notified NYPD who promptly arrived and took the woman into custody.  At first, she denied all accusations.

Reporters sought out Somodi’s longtime live-in boyfriend, Steve, who was quick to relay, “These allegations have to be false, 100%,” and that, “Right now, she’s telling me she’s innocent. She would never do that. She would never harm a person.”  He went on to insist, “In all my years that I know Clara, she’s honest, hardworking, a good parent and a faithful wife to me.”

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This may have proven to be inaccurate as, after police leaned on Somodi for long enough, it appears she may have broken under the strain.  Shortly after her several hour long interview with police, she was formally charged with, “rape, criminal sex and endangering the welfare of a child.”

According to the police, the two were said to have been sexually involved about 10 times in the hallway outside of the boy’s house.  Their last encounter was just one day prior to Somodi’s arrest.

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The boy is currently going through counseling through the school and Somodi is due back in court later tonight.  Her 9-year-old child remains blissfully unaware of her mother’s indiscretions as Steve explained, “We didn’t tell her.  She’s a baby. She thinks Clara’s at work.”

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(H/T: Daily News)

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