Duck Dynasty Cast: We’re Proud To Be Religious

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It’s nothing new to hear that the cast of A&E’s Duck Dynasty are being talked about by the news.  Their most recent appearance in the spotlight is on account of a Christian movie they played a role in.  After being asked about the movie and the role God plays in their life, they were quick to say that they’re proud to be religious people.

FOX411 recently sat down with Korie and Willie of Duck Dynasty to get a more in depth interview with the two.  During that time, Korie relayed that, “God and our faith is what sustains us.  It’s what makes our life good.”

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And who could argue that their lives aren’t good?  The multimillionaire family has been blessed with the number one cable television show of all time and have countless other products and endorsements contributing to their fame.

They most recently participated in a movie titled God is not Dead where the two actually played themselves.  Being confronted by a reporter that questions the family’s faith as well as asks for comments regarding those who claim to be offended by the cast’s praying habits, their response is quite simple.

Willie states, “We’re not trying to offend anybody.  As far as my praying to Jesus, my life and my whole eternity belongs to God. The money, fame, success, temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus, that’s eternal.”

Although this is a line from the movie, Willie claims this to be accurate in real life as well.  He even went as far as to mention, “God’s blessed us with a lot of opportunities at this point.  Just like the movie ‘God’s Not Dead,’ there’s that element of faith that you have to have faith.”

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Along with this accuracy, the Robertson’s are also used to being constantly confronted by reporters and the public regarding their belief in Jesus Christ.  “I think in our everyday lives there’s always this opportunity to explain your faith to people who are not believers and people want to know how you live your life.”

Probably the best thing about the Robertson’s though is that they don’t force their religion on anyone.  Willie explained, “We don’t feel like we’re shoving any religion down anyone’s throats.  We’re just being ourselves, it’s positive. To us, just saying a prayer at the end [has had] a huge impact, but in our lives saying a prayer’s not that big a deal. We do that all the time.”


People have the option whether to tune in or not, and Duck Dynasty offers the simple advice that if viewers don’t like what’s on the TV, they change the channel.  It’s that simple.

As of now, Willie and the gang don’t really have too much planned but they remain determined to use their platform to live their lives as an example to others.  When it comes to people criticizing their show, Willie responded by saying, “Well I guess [‘Duck Dynasty] is the most watched reality show in the history of cable so if that comes along with being religious that’s fine.  Maybe other people should try and start making shows like that.”

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Korie summarizes the interview with a simple, yet resounding, bit of advice saying, “Don’t let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefs.”

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