VIDEO: St. Patrick’s Day Prank Causes Brawl To Break Out In Crowd

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A cell phone video captured some younger adults at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration trying to pull a prank on the people around them when a fight breaks out nearby.

The LiveLeak description said that “We were here in waterloo ontario doing a st. patties puke prank (the idea being that so many people drink excessively, we could pull off a puke prank) then all of a sudden fight erupts,” however no details were offered beyond that.

The video shows a young man acting as if he’s about to vomit in the middle of a crowd. As more people catch on to what’s happening a circle is formed around him and bystanders start pushing him around. Before he can actually make himself vomit a fight breaks out directly behind the person who’s recording.

The cameraman then turns around to capture the brawl, which seems to involve multiple people. As they’re recording you can hear people chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” and there’s several people rolling on the ground and exchanging blows.

At one point a man who was involved in the scuffle appears to be raising his shoe in the air to strike someone with it.

The person recording appeared to be trying to get a better angle to record from however it seemed as if the volume of people in the area made it nearly impossible.

After roughly a minute the security guards come in to break it up and escort away the troublemakers.

There’s no other information available regarding the incident.

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[H/T: LiveLeak]

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