Islamic Organization Holds Rally In London Protesting Western Civilization

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The extremely radical Islamic terrorist organization Need4Khilafah held a rally in East London on Saturday and footage taken from the event is quite disturbing.  The organization is a deadly combination of convicted terrorists, extremist preachers, and Islamic activists who wish death to Western society.  In fact, one in five known terrorists has ties with Need4Khalifah.


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Islamic preacher Abu Izzadeen can be seen proclaiming in the video:

“Let us be clear as a community, we are a unique part of this society. We are not going to integrate and lose our identity.  As Muslims… we are obliged to call those kuffar [non-believers] towards Islam.  Life is not only alcohol and partying, rather life has a purpose behind it.  There’s a death.  There’s a reality after death. Therefore everyone should contemplate that.”


I wonder if any of these Christian-hating Muslim terrorists have ever stopped to contemplate the fact that Christians believe strongly in a reality after death as well.  It’s totally unnecessary to wish death on a people who believe fundamentally that you should live a life with a greater purpose than “alcohol and partying”, just as Muslims do.  Maybe a few of those suicide bombers should have considered that before blowing themselves and others up in the name of Allah.  And if they’re so dead set on not assimilating to Western culture in the slightest, then why don’t they just go on back to the desert wasteland they hailed from in the first place.  There’s lots of ugly vacant land to blow up around those parts.

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You will be able to clearly see in this video that Muslims are not the peaceful people that the politically correct left believes we should regard them as.  Let us know how the disturbing footage made you feel in the comments section below.

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