VIDEO: Sarah Palin’s New Show Highlights American’s ‘Freedoms’

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Sarah Palin is coming out with a new show on the Sportsman Channel called “Amazing America,” and it appears as if it’s going to be much more exciting than one would think could coming from a former governor.

The 30 second teaser(shown above) shows Americans doing the things they love as the show “highlights the freedom that we get to experience in America.”

The teaser claims the show will show people “who blaze their own trail,” “won’t back down,” and “aren’t afraid to get a little dirty,” which doesn’t seem so bad if you’re the type of person who loved the “Jackass” series that aired on MTV for sometime. This show even seems to include men getting trampled by bulls, huge rifles, and insanely high zip-lines, so what red-blooded America who loves their freedom wouldn’t want to watch it?

If the show is anything like the trailer it could turn out to be fun to watch, or at least interesting to see people nearly killing themselves purely for the entertainment of others, either way.

It’s slated to start airing on April 3 on the Sportsman Channel so tune in if you’d like.

What do you think, is this is a show you’d like to watch? Sound off in the comments!

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[H/T: Mediaite]

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