VIDEO: Cop Breaks Student’s Arm After A Fight, And You Can Hear It Snap [GRAPHIC]

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A cell phone video captured the moment a student was thrown to the ground and had his arm broken by officers after a fight broke out in a Texas high school.

The incident, which is under investigation, involved two officers wrestling the student to the ground at West Brook High School, then one of them brings the student’s arm behind his back to restrain him. At that point you can hear the “pop” of his bone breaking and the student cried out in pain almost immediately after.

“My arm broke!” he said in between his screaming in agony.

One of the student’s parents spoke to a local news station about the incident. The unidentified parent told KBMT-TV that the fight started after the students had been released for spring break on March 7.

The parent has since filed a claim with the Beaumont Independent School District that alleges the video shows the officers breaking her son’s arm.

A spokeswoman for the school district, Nakisha Myles, said “The district is reviewing the complaint.”

BISD Police Chief Clydell Duncan says Officer Steve Rivers was placed on leave following an investigation of the incident. He also said that while the video just surfaced yesterday on March 17, the department has been investigating since the day it occurred.

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