VIDEO: Phil Robertson Shows Us How To Be A Good Christian After Fan Drives 20 Hours To Meet Him

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Phil Robertson, the patriarch from A&E’s hit series Duck Dynasty, gave an excellent example of just what it’s like to be a Christian recently after a fan drove 20 hours to meet him.

Brian Richards drove down to West Monroe, La from his home town in New Jersey to devote his life to God and get baptized at the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. Richards ending up having a dream come true when Robertson personally baptized him at the small church.

Robertson is probably one of the most popular reality stars in America right now ever since the “scandal” involving an interview he did with GQ where he professed his religious beliefs. Granted God views all baptisms the same, but for Richards this one turned out to be extra special.

The first video shows Robertson officiating the baptism, starting off saying “From New Jersey, I can count on one hand the people I met from New Jersey,” in a joking manner. He then tells the congregation about the journey that Richards made just to be baptized at the church.

The second clip(below) shows both men standing in the baptism pool. “You are now going to die to sin,” Robertson told Richards beforehand. “You’re going to be buried — the old you — and the new one will come forth. God will seal you with his spirit and you will be guaranteed to be raised from the dead one day and live forever. Good news, you know?”

It just goes to show that with some people no matter how famous they become they never forget what being a good person and a devoted Christian is about.

Duck Dynasty airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on the A&E network.

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