Michelle Obama Set To Take Another Expensive Vacation On Your Dime


March 18, 2014 9:53am PST

This is getting a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?  It seems that out of control spending is an ugly trend within the Obama family.  But it’s so much fun when you’re not the one picking up the tab!

Michelle Obama has decided to tour China this month, along with her daughters and mother.  Apparently, if she’s not making ridiculous appearances with Will Ferrell, she’s on vacation.  The White House did not release the dollar amount that this vacation is going to cost tax payers, probably because of the backlash last time the Obamas pulled one of these stunts.  There’s only so much negative publicity that one family can handle, right?

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Let’s not forget that every time the First Lady decides to take one of her international jaunts, it’s not just her we’re paying for.  Countless aids and security personnel also have to go along, raising the cost to tax payers exponentially.  Mrs. Obama’s top aid, Tina Tchen, is particularly excited about the trip, as her family emigrated to the United States from China in the late 40’s.  This will be her fourth visit to the country, although it will be the first time that the American people are footing the bill.  She remarked about the upcoming adventure:

“It is a real honor and privilege, and I think we are all, here in the first lady’s office, quite excited about the upcoming trip.  My parents emigrated from China in the late ’40s, so this … will be my fourth time returning to China but the first time, obviously, in a role such as this.  I think the first lady is very much looking forward to it.  We will meet [the Chinese president’s wife] Madame Peng on our first day … [and] she will accompany the first lady and her family to the Forbidden City and will take the first lady through the Forbidden City before they’re able to join each other for a meal, a private meal and a private performance later on in the evening.  We’re looking forward to it.”

How lovely.  Now if only they would just leave her in the Forbidden City…

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It looks like the Obamas are just going to do whatever their little communist hearts desire for the remainder of their time in the White House, regardless of how it make them look or the effect on the country.  When you’re not worried about getting re-elected, why not jet off on expensive vacations left and right while the American tax payer works off your safaris and mojitos?  The sense of entitlement is absurd.  Let us know how the First Family’s unnecessary and lavish spending makes you feel in the comments section below!

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