Obamacare Website Uses Twerking, Cats To Sell To Youth [PHOTOS]

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Showing just how desperate they’ve become to get America’s youth on board with the utter failure we know to be Obamacare, the latest promotion on the official White House website imitates a March Madness bracket that has 16 different GIF images in which people can vote on, and they’re not exactly presidential.

The president may have been successful with convincing young and impressionable minds to vote for him during his campaigns, however he failed to realize that a vote costs them nothing and they don’t want to buy the snake oil he’s selling. Youth enrollment numbers have been far below expectations which has prompted the President to nearly beg people to sign up. He even went on the satire show “Between Two Ferns” hosted by Zack Galifianakis and made a fool of himself in an attempt to win them over.


Since all other attempts have failed miserably, the White House has moved on to trying to lure the youth demographic in with GIFs depicting twerking(the Miley Cyrus favorite), cats, and other random depictions in what it’s calling “The 16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered.”

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Yes, most people would agree that spending tax-payer money on something like this is absolutely ridiculous, however the genii in Washington thought it would be a great idea to put together a bracket of the supposed benefits of Obamacare, accompanied with a GIF that paints a picture of what the healthcare bill is supposed to do for you. Visitors are then told to vote for their favorite benefit in a side-by-side competition.

Deputy Director of Online Engagement for the White House, Erin Lindsay, even sent out a tweet letting everyone know that while she’s not an expert on twerking, she “definitely thinks” the girl in the GIF is trying to.

Her tweet was in regards to the one image that shows a girl on a counter top trying to perform the popular dance move then falling off, “because accidents happen,” according to the listed benefit.


Even though all the depictions vary, they didn’t pass up the opportunity to take the overused acronym YOLO(you only live once) and try to use it to their advantage. Accompanying that GIF is the phrase “So don’t gamble with your health.”


As the numbers for enrollment continue to fall short of expectations, since Americans really don’t want to be forced to purchase a product or face a penalty, we can expect to see even more embarrassing moves of desperation from the administration as well as the democrats who have embraced the law and think it will actually win them reelection. The good news is that with the midterms right around the corner such acts only increase the chances that they’ll lose their majority in the Senate as well as not stand a chance at taking the House.

I guess everything has a silver lining.

Check out more of the GIF images below!

What do you think, is this a waste of money or money well spent? Sound off in the comments!

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