VIDEO: One Of The BEST Arguments For Owning A Gun, Ever

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This is a short video put out by BraveTheWorld on YouTube explaining why it’s important for everyone to have a gun in their home.

The host doesn’t specify her age, but starts out saying “I know I’m only a young girl, and I know little of the ways of guns,” adding “But I know that everyone should own one.”

The short film then delves in to the common arguments that those against more strict gun control rightly have. She mentions a home invasion and lists the possible scenarios, asking if you would rather pray that the police arrive in time to help you or if you would rather give them your own deterrent in the form of a gun?

She argues that “A–holes have some of the strongest instincts of self preservation” so a gun should more than do the trick to deter them.

“You have rights,” she explains, then adds that nobody wants to “hope” they’re enforced at a later date but wants their “spirit” to protect you in the moment when they’re needed.

“Guns literally even the playing field,” she closes with. “Guns are equal rights, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

What about you, are you a gun owner? If so, do you agree with her statements? If not, then why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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