Miley Cyrus Getting Sued Because Of Her Tongue


March 16, 2014 2:49pm PST

According to TXZ, Miley’s tongue has gotten her into a lot more trouble than she ever dreamed of.

Apparently one of the men who helped to construct the giant tongue that she uses to enter the stage on her Bangerz tour is filing suit, because of the tongue.

Charles Nicholas Sarris has filed a claim for unspecified damages after helping to construct the giant tongue for his parent company ShowFx.

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Miley Cyrus in Concert - Anaheim

He says that he suffered an injury while constructing the giant slide for the Los Angeles based company and his in suit he says that the company failed to provide proper warnings for the equipment he was using at the time of the incident.

He allegedly fell and hurt himself after said equipment that was used to construct the larger than life tongue failed him.

It looks like Miley’s tongue is getting her in deeper trouble by the day, just ask Katy Perry.

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