ACLU Looks To Limit Capabilities Of Border Patrol

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In an article titled “ACLU of Texas: Border Patrol, CBP Need More Scrutiny.” the El Paso Times excused the American Civil Liberties Union’s attempts to render our border patrol agents useless in their attempts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into America, according to

The article in the El Paso Times echoed the executive director of the Texas branch of the ACLU, Teri Burke’s sentiments “We believe somebody really needs to put their feet to the fire.” The left-leaning paper quoted Burke further as stating, “If your local police department had shot and killed 22 people, you would be asking question.”

The writer, Daniel Borunda, said that “The U.S. Border Patrol is under scrutiny by immigrant and civil-rights groups regarding deadly shootings in response to rock throwing on the Mexican border.”

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The article appears to be a part of an effort to render the Border Patrol useless in their efforts by spreading lies and omitting important information.

Brandon Darby from Breitbart said that he contacted the National Border Patrol council and spoke to the Vice President, Shawn Moran, his comments contrasted what the article in the El Paso Times said.

He said “We did research and found the most comparable group to the U.S. Border Patrol in terms of numbers is the LAPD and the LA County Sheriff’s Department. We are actually slightly larger than those two agencies.” He added, “In 2012, they shot and killed 48 people, compared to our 22—but we had many more arrests than they did.”

The Vice President’s comments showed that Border Patrol agents made a higher number arrests in comparison to the number of times they had to resort to violence to do their jobs, and demonstrated that Border Patrol agents “use force in a very controlled manner.”

“This is a political attack by special interests groups and the ACLU to limit the effectiveness of Border Patrol. The ACLU is going after low hanging fruit, they’ve seen the agency back down in the past,” said Vice President Moran.

“We are concerned that all of this political criteria is going to make agents hesitate and second guess themselves when they are in a situation where they need to defend themselves—this could absolutely lead to a loss of life for US law enforcement,” he added.

Borunda went on to say that he’s done extensive research when it comes to the ACLU and other leftist groups looking to castrate our Border Patrol and render them ineffective at doing their jobs.

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He said ” In a November 6, 2013 article titled, “Border Patrol Agents Retain Right to Defend Themselves,” I outlined the overall strategy by the ACLU and other groups in attacking the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol. I wrote:


The ACLU, along with the academics and previously politically-appointed law enforcement brass from the nonprofit Police Executive Research Forum, sought to prevent the U.S. Border Patrol and their parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), from using deadly force in response to rock attacks and suspects using vehicles to attack agents.”

He went on to explain that while these groups are arguing that the Border Patrol should operate in a manner consistent with local police forces, it’s impossible for them to do so considering where they’re required to work.

“Larger forces in metropolitan areas operate under very different circumstances, a fact the ACLU and their allies did not acknowledge in their ongoing media blitz against the Border Patrol. City law enforcement has backup nearby, can radio for help that soon arrives, and do not operate in remote areas.”

He added that “By defining the differing protocol between agencies as “standards” and falsely insisting that Border Patrol agents were substandard by having much needed, though different, guidelines and protocols, the ACLU and their allies sought to turn public opinion against border law enforcement.”

He closed by making the case that if Border Patrol agent’s capabilities are continually reduced that eventually they won’t travel to the areas where they can’t get backup since they won’t be able to protect themselves, resulting in larger gaps in our Mexican border.






He said that in these areas, “In the rare event that a Border Patrol agent were present, such criminal elements would know to attack with rocks and boulders and that the Border Patrol agent would be left defenseless.”


Such a concept seems to either be escaping our leaders or is an intentional attempt at making our border more porous.

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[H/T: Breitbart]

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