Hunter Bags MASSIVE Boar In North Carolina [PHOTOS]

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Jett Webb had the kill of a lifetime on February 28 when he shot and killed a massive boar at the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club in Bertie County, NC.

The pig was 8 feet long and weighed over 500lbs, he bagged it during a night time hunt at the grounds. It was so big, they couldn’t get it out of the woods without some mechanical assistance.

“I told my buddy, I said, ‘Corey, we’ve got to get a 4-wheeler in here or there’s no way we’re getting this pig out.’ He obviously agreed,” Webb told WITN.

“It was very surreal,” Webb told WNCT. “It was a shock. It was very humbling to say the least, when you walk up on a beast that big and you say, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I had no idea that there could be something that big running around the woods of Eastern North Carolina.”

He used a .308 caliber rifle and dropped it with one shot, and while his other kills have been mounted for display at the club he’s decided he will take advantage of this one to provide food for his family.

“We’re not going to waste anything,” Webb said. “So that pig will provide food for me and my family for a good year.”

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