HORROR: Woman Gets Revenge On Man Who Raped Her Daughter


March 14, 2014 12:47pm PST

A Chinese woman is behind bars today after admitting to killing a man that had allegedly raped and slapped her daughter.  Taking the law into her own hands, the woman did unspeakable things to the man before ultimately murdering him.

The incident happened back in 2012 where Yeung Ki, 41, had admitted to killing, Zhou Hui, 32.  It all began after Yeung discovered that his daughter’s piano teacher, Zhou, had, “beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter,” before he, “forcibly had sex with her.”

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After hearing of the news, Yeung began to plot her revenge that later occurred that night.  It appears as if the two were actually in a relationship despite Zhou being married.  According to the Huffington Post, “Yeung killed Zhou after a lengthy affair with the married man, during which he had deserted her while pregnant and borrowed money without paying it back on numerous occasions.”

Zhou had also reportedly tried to extort $200,000 from the woman for a new car threatening he would post naked pictures of her on the internet.  The woman reportedly snapped after learning of her daughter’s rape and invited him over that night.

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Pretending to play nice, the woman allegedly drugged the man’s tea and took action after he was unconscious.  Taking a hold of a pair of scissors, Yeung chopped off his penis and flushed it down the toilet.

At this time, Zhou was reported to have woken up from the pain where Yeung was standing in wait with a hammer in hand.  According to the medical examiner’s report, the crazed woman bludgeoned the man an, “almost uncountable,” amount of times until he was dead, and a few blows landed after.

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After the incident, Yeung was said to bring her daughter to a nearby social services center where she admitted everything.  Although later she pleaded not guilty in court, at the time she said cutting off the man’s penis was, “cruel.”

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