Photos Of The SXSW Killer You NEED To See

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This past week a man mowed down a group of innocent bystanders while he was trying to evade arrest. It happened at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin Texas early Thursday morning and he took the lives of two people who were just trying to enjoy the show. As it turns out he wasn’t exactly a model citizen, so we did some digging and found a whole host of pictures that you’re likely to find rather interesting.

Below are shots we snagged off of Rashad Charjuan Owens Facebook page that you’re probably not going to see in the media. They’re not exactly the types of pictures anybody would want coming out  if they were on the hook for capital murder charges like he is. He was actually dumb enough to post pictures of himself smoking marijuana and appearing high with his friends, while he has six children mind you.

Owens is a self proclaimed music producer who was born in South Carolina. He moved to Texas and went to high school there before moving to Florida for college. He spent a good amount of time in Anchorage, Alaska where he racked up three separate criminal convictions, one of which was a DWI where he left the scene of the accident.

According to his family he was in Austin that night to perform at Club 1880 under his stage name K.A.B254 (Killin All Beats), the club was only a mile from where this atrocious incident occurred.

He now faces two charges of capital murder and 23 charges of aggravated assault, according to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.

So as promised, here’s the pictures we were able to find. Take from them what you will, but they don’t exactly paint a good picture to this journalist.

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