CAUGHT ON TAPE: Liberal Feminist Professor Steals Pro-Life Sign, Assaults Demonstrators

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A new video is circling the web showing just what kind of attitude Liberals have when they don’t see eye to eye with someone.  During the course of the clip, a Feminist professor is seen stealing a graphic sign and assaulting at least one protester.

The incident occurred at the University of California where a group of girls belonging to the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust were demonstrating the tragic procedure completed during an abortion.  In order to get people talking about the issue, they apparently had a large graphic sign with an aborted baby on it and were also handing out pro-life pamphlets.

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It wasn’t long until the demonstrators got the attention of Professor Mireille Miller-Young who is, according to The Daily Caller, “an associate professor in the feminist studies department who specializes in queer theory, black film and pornography.”

Reports claim that Young came over and, with a group of like minded people, began to speak out against the protestors.  Approaching the, “free speech zone,” the two protesters depicted in the video were actually sisters, Thrin and Joan Short.

Explaining what led up to the incident, Thrin shared with Fox News, “Before she grabbed the sign, she was mocking me and talking over me in front of the students, saying that she was twice as old as me and had three degrees, so they should listen to her and not me.  Then she started the chant with the students about ‘tear down the sign.’ When that died out, she grabbed the sign.”

This is reportedly when one of the sisters flipped on their cell phone camera to record the rest of the incident.  The first thing viewers see is a shot of Young’s backside waddling away as she periodically turns around bearing a smug smile.

As the sisters followed the thief and her two accomplices, one of the two shouted, “Don’t you know you are stealing?”  The professor, showing how little she cared of what she was doing, replied, “I may be a thief but you’re terrorists.”

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The sisters eventually called either the campus police or 911 themselves, to report that their property was being taken by a UC professor.  During the escapade, Young can be heard taunting, “Try and stop us!”

That’s just what the sisters tried to do, as the hoodlums made their way into an elevator.  Attempting to slow them down, the sisters repeatedly stuck their hands in front of the elevator door making it impossible for the gang to be on their way.  Knowing that police would be arriving shortly, and that there was no way Young was about to take the stairs, they stayed their course of action.

In effort to make their escape, Young begins to take physical action, thereby intensifying the situation as you hear one of the sisters begin to shout, “Don’t touch me!” Thrin, after receiving several scratch marks on her wrists from Young’s claws took to explain, in detail, just what had happened.

Explaining to Fox News again, she stated, “I had been trying to keep the elevator door open with my foot, because I thought the police would be there any second, and that’s when she pushed and grabbed me.  She then got off the elevator and tried to pull me away from the elevator doors so the others could get away with the sign.”

The professor is now being investigated and is currently facing assault charges. Spokeswoman for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Kristina Garza, explained her take on the woman and the irony that ensued.

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She relays, “The professor is a feminist studies professor and her specialty is pornography, and she did commit an act of violence against another woman. So, the irony there to us is rather great.” Garza goes on to argue, “If she isn’t prosecuted, wouldn’t anyone else think they could do the same thing and get away with it?”

What do you guys think? Let us know what you thought of the feminist professor’s action in a comment below.

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