VIDEO: Cross Dressing ‘Queen’ Throws Rocks At Car Full Of Women

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A car full of women was left in a state of disbelief after a man who was dressed like a woman threw a drink and rocks at their vehicle when they refused to give him a ride, and it was caught on video. Orlando police are now searching for the man responsible for the attack that happened at the intersection of Orange Blossom Trail and Amelia Street.

According to the women in the car, the cross dressed man tried to get them to give him a ride but they refused, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Police said the man was dressed in a blue dress with black heels and a wig, according to WKMG.

The man first threw his drink on the front windshield of the car. After that the driver, Corsica Cleveland, continued down OBT but the man gave chase. When she stopped at the intersection a block away, he picked up a piece of concrete and threw it through  the passenger side window, shattering the glass and nearly missing the passenger.

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The man walked away from the scene before police were able to get there however the incident was caught on video by a fellow motorist.

“Nobody was cut, but we had like glass in our hair and in our clothes, and the rock fell like down here in this area,” Cleveland told the local news station WESH.

One of the local residents seemed more concerned that the motorist who filmed it didn’t help out than she did the actual attack occurred.

Connie Smith said that “We’re standing by and we’re watching these things happen and we’re video taping these things happening and then we’re saying ‘what can we do?’ You know, you could put that camera down.”

Cleveland said the incident was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to her. She also had her 5 year-old daughter and two friends in the vehicle with her.

“We were scared. We were in fear for our lives. We were scared because he could have had a gun or something because he had a purse,” she said.

The man has been described as being 5 feet and 7 inches tall and wearing a short cropped ladies wig, he also may be in the area often.

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