VIDEO: Encouraged By Friends, Nitwit Teen Jumps From Moving Train

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Two videos have recently surfaced and paint quite the picture of what actually happened to a teen that was seen flying out of a moving train.  With both sides of the story now out there, it appears the teen jumped off of the moving train after being pressured by his peers.

Surveillance footage from a train station went viral after showing a boy come off a moving train and onto the platform for an undisclosed reason.  Viewers look on as the boy hits the pavement and slides until his momentum no longer allows it.

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Not knowing what happened or who the boy was, there were quite a few rumors spinning around the web.  Some said he jumped, while others suggested he may have been pushed, or even that the doors may have faultily opened.


A second video was released by a group of teens and spread like wildfire after it hit social media pages.  This video showed exactly what was behind the incident depicting a group of friends who had pried the doors open.  Chanting for the boy to “go”, it was clear that they were pressuring him to voluntary jump.

He did just that, as seen in both the surveillance and cell phone video footage, in which the boy’s friends erupt in laughter.  They police are currently looking into the case and as they have a source, on account of social media, they now know who the boy is.

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They have stated that as he is a minor, they are withholding his identity for his protection.

Let us know what you think of this stunt, and how lucky he was to get back up and walk away, in a comment below.

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