WATCH: Maryland Man Knows Gun Law Better Than Police, Almost Gets Arrested For Something Totally Legal

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This video shows unquestioningly that law enforcement really doesn’t care about what your legal gun rights are, they just don’t want you to be armed.  Watch as a Maryland man, who is well briefed in his legal rights to carry a weapon, attempts to walk down the street with a long rifle strapped to his back.

He is quickly stopped by a patrol car.  When asked to put his weapon on the ground, he complies, but tells the officer that he is doing nothing illegal.  The officer, confused, says that the man can’t just walk down the street with a weapon on his back.  But, here’s the thing, he can and it’s completely legal.  In the state of Maryland, open carry is legal because there is no concealed carry.

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But the cop found this to be an inconvenient truth, even when the man with the rifle stated specific legislature and referenced the attorney generals decision on the matter.  The man even told the officer that if he checked with the sheriff, he would most likely be able to shed some light on the subject.

Moments later, the sheriff arrived on the scene and explained to the man that while he may be well within he legal rights, they would just get too many calls about a man walking down the street with a rifle on his back.  The officers even went so far as to tell the man that by doing what he did, he would inevitably end up staring down the barrel of an officers gun.

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So basically, the police are ready to arrest or even shoot you for doing something completely legal.  As you can see at the end of the video, the man’s gun wasn’t even loaded.  He was just trying to prove a point – luckily he survived to tell the tale.  It is important that we all know our rights, because apparently the police department is totally unconcerned with the actual law.

What do you think of what happened in this scenario?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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