VIDEO: Vegas Showgirls Have Fierce Street Fight Over Territory

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A curious tourist captured what appears to be cell phone footage of a pair of feathered showgirls engaged in a cat fight over a popular tourist area in Las Vegas.

The short video clip shows one girl in pink and another in red trading punches and shouting at each other to claim a hot spot for tips from Sin City’s visitors.

You can barely see their faces but their words are more easily heard.


“Step back!” one of the girls yells, “Ouch my face!”

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The girl in the red doesn’t seem to be a rookie streetfighter either, she basically dominates the scuffle and forces the girl in the pink to retreat the whole time.

She lands repeated blows on the pink girl, shoving and smacking her backwards away from the hot spot.


The pink girl finally tells the one in the red why the scuffle started after red demanded to know “why are you doing this?”

“Because you stole our spot!” the pink girl cried, then called to her friend as the red girl walked away laughing as the victor, “That’s it. Vickie, let’s go.”

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